Train with us to Specialise in Menopause

My Menopause Transformation™ (MyMT ™) is an evidence-based program integrating the latest scientific research on the impact of peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause on women’s health and wellbeing – both physical and psychological.

Our Comprehensive 12-week online includes:

Self-Directed Learning

  • 3 video modules per week, each 30-45 mins.
  • Slides download.
  • Downloadable tools and resources for clients.
  • Reflective and written exercises.
  • Additional resources and further reading recommendations. 

Weekly Live Group Calls

  • Weekly 1.5hr group calls.
  • Groups limited to max 12 participants.
  • Live Group Calls with Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD).
  • Review of self-directed learning material.
  • Supervision of case study coaching.

Client Case Studies

  • Work with 1-2 case study clients during training.
  • Supervision and support from our expert trainers.
  • Practical experience implementing a ‘done-for-you’  program with all the resources, tools and materials you need to ensure your success.

Why Specialise?

Because Menopause Matters!

  • 1 billion women are projected to be in menopause by 2025.

  • About 70% will have significant menopause symptoms and about 40% will see a doctor because of their symptoms.

  • Doctors receive very little specialised training on menopause lifestyle solutions.

Try our Free Masterclass on Menopause for Health Professionals

Do you see women in your practice or coaching sessions who are between the ages of 45-60 years+?

Have you ever wondered how their health, their behaviour and their mindset might be affected by how their body and brain is adjusting to menopause?

If so, then watch my free 45 min Masterclass on Menopause which is packed full of essential information and invites you to join me on the MyMT™ CPD Course – coming to you in February 2022.

Watch our on-demand masterclass to learn more.

The MyMT™ CPD Course will enable, empower and certify you to work in the areas of evidenced lifestyle change for peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause.

Train with us to become a Menopause Specialist through our CE & CPD Approved Training.

Learn how to use our fully Done-For-You program integrating therapeutic, nutritional and coaching skills. Deepen your skills and grow your practice as an MyMT™ Practitioner.

Course Outline & Learning Outcomes

During Week 1 I introduce you to the relevance of menopause in relation to women’s health and ageing evidence and explain why the menopause transition is so important for women’s health.

We will also delve into the history of menopause, including why it has been medicalised. During this module I will challenge the current menopause medicalisation paradigm with lifestyle solutions. I can’t wait for you to learn what I did.

Week 2 and 3 is all about menopause physiology and hormonal physiology. We will explore the three stages that women transition through in midlife as the ovarian function declines – perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause.

At the end of Week 3, you will be able to describe the major physiological changes and symptom changes at each stage and identify common disorders of the HPA – Thyroid Axis in relation to menopause changes. 

We will also talk through the key complementary and alternative menopause supplement solutions that your clients might be taking and how these could affect their health through menopause. 

Women in menopause need tailored risk stratification pre-screening processes. In Week 4 we explain the important pre-screening questions you should be asking your clients and develop a profile so that you can select a case-study client for Week 7.

You will also learn how you can ethically and responsibly bridge the gap between your client and their GP based on their risk stratification.

Have you tried endless diets with your clients, which don’t reduce their menopause symptoms and/or don’t work in the long term?

Nutritional type and timing are crucial for your client’s symptom management. Diets may destroy the hormones which help to manage appetite, fullness and long-term health. For numerous women who have lived busy, stressful lives over many years, this may have led to a disturbance of the factors that influence their eating patterns and behaviours.  In Week 5 we cover the specific nutrients evidenced to reduce menopause symptoms and why you need to adapt your approach for leaner women and overweight women. The factors affecting women’s food choices during menopause in relation to hormonal changes are also important to understand, so you can foster successful behaviour change.

From Week 7, trainees are encouraged to have 1 – 2 case study clients to begin working , whilst on the course. This will enable attendees to integrate the MyMT™ menopause strategies into practice with confidence, with our support. Minimum 1 case study client is required as part of the assessment process. So, let’s prepare you in Week 6.

To prepare you for your case study client we will share some examples of the most common questions that women on our programme have asked about their menopause transition. Furthermore, because there are no ‘magic pills’ in MyMT™’s Programmes, behaviour change strategies are critical for transforming your client’s symptoms and health. During Week 6 we will explore TTM Theory, Motivational Theory and Self-efficacy Theory in the context of menopause. We will also go through some real-life problem-solving examples from Women in my MyMT™ Community.

A lack of sleep exacerbates women’s symptoms, and can lead to high insulin levels, weight gain, worsening hot flushes, increased inflammation and much more. It’s vital that this symptom is addressed first with women. In this module, we will explore the circadian rhythm’s role in sleep regulation and why this gets out of balance during menopause. Then, we will walk through MyMT™’s proven strategies for assisting women to sleep all night.

Hot flushes occur because the body’s thermostat does not function as well when it is deprived of oestrogen. It also becomes worse when melatonin (sleep hormone) is reduced with the changing hormonal environment too. Learn about why hot flushes occur and the MyMT™ strategies for assisting women to reduce their hot flushes and night sweats.

Love the Liver: Never before has our liver had to cope with so many changing foods, toxins, drinks, chemicals and ingredients. The liver and gut accumulate inflammation over our lifetime. Fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, depression and other menopause symptoms including weight management problems are partly due to changing liver and gut health in mid-life.

Sustain energy: After you understand why the liver and gut are so important in menopause symptom management you will be able to better understand the role of oestrogen changes which impact energy levels in women. In this module we discuss whether it is adrenal fatigue or peri-menopause causing exhaustion in your clients and I teach you the MyMT™ strategies for assisting women to turn around their liver health and energy levels.

I can’t wait to share this module with you. It is one of my favourites.

Re-address Stress: This module isn’t ‘just’ about psychological stress. It’s also about the internal environment of the body and how women’s cells and tissues also become ‘stressed’. Internal stress in our tissues and fat cells is called oxidative stress and causes numerous inflammatory changes that can lead to worsening health problems as we age. A women’s mid-life years are the perfect time to re-address her stress. In this fabulous module, I draw on the rapidly emerging stress research and teach you how to re-address your client’s stress.

Lifestyle solutions for women on HRT: Whilst there is no interference in any medications women are on, this information may help you to support their medication choices specific to HRT with evidenced lifestyle solutions.

In this module I introduce you to the business of menopause – sharing examples from my experiences both pioneering the Personal Training Industry in New Zealand and building a large customer base for My Menopause Transformation. During this week you will plan your vision for bringing menopause clients into your business.

At this point, I will explain how you can create a unique career opportunity by coming on board with me as a MyMT™ Practitioner. I have some exciting plans for MyMT™ and I can’t wait to share these with you.

The last week is a chance for us to reflect on your journey and share your progress with your case study client. Together we will do some problem solving and plan for your future as a menopause specialist or MyMT™ Practitioner.

Next Dates will be announced shortly! Currently August 2022 – TBC.

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You can change women’s lives!

How do I know you can do this? Because women tell me what a difference it has made to their lives. Read our testimonials here. 

This online Masterclass on Menopause explains the science of your mid-life female clients’ menopause transition, giving you a comprehensive overview of the many hidden symptoms they can be experiencing and how they impact every area of your client’s lives. 

Our 12-Week Online Training Program, fully CE and CPD Approved, combines self-directed learning with weekly live group calls,  comprehensively guiding you through the MyMT™ Program for Menopause. 

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Our Entry Criteria

In order to enroll in this advanced, specialist training you must:  

Be a fully qualified health professional e.g. Naturopath, Registered Dietitian, Registered Nurse, Physiotherapist, Psychologist, Chiropractor or similar.


Be a fully qualified and accredited Advanced Health Coach, Advanced Personal Trainer or Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner.


Hold current membership of a recognised accrediting body.


Hold current professional indemnity and public liability insurance that covers working with clients in a one to one setting.

In order to successfully graduate from this training, a minimum 80%  attendance is mandatory on online group calls, at least 1 case study client will be worked with for a minimum of 6 sessions during the training period, and trainees must demonstrate a strong understanding of the material and its application to their Course Facilitator.

MyMT™ Makes Menopause Simple

Hi, I’m Dr Wendy Sweet, the founder of My Menopause Transformation. 

Exploring menopause and post-menopause symptoms through the lens of ageing and healthy lifestyle studies, was pivotal to me turning around my own sleep, sore joints, emotional changes, hot flushes and losing over 15kg in menopause weight which had arrived in my late 40’s.

At this time, I was a university lecturer and completing my studies about the role of exercise on the health of middle aged women. I began to question the advice we were being given in mid-life around our symptom management, supplements, exercise and nutrition. 

This curiosity led me towards setting up MyMT™– a 12 week lifestyle change programme for women in peri-menopause, menopause or post-menopause. 

MyMT™ has a single goal… to help women understand that menopause is a vulnerable time for their health as they age, and that if they don’t get their symptoms under control, it can lead to lifestyle diseases when they are older.

MyMT™’s passion is to educate women about the evidence-based lifestyle strategies that will empower them to transform their health.

How Does Specializing Benefit You?

Gain clarity and confidence with menopause discussions

Are you confused by the abundance of conflicting evidence and opinions? MyMT™’s course will cut through the chaos, providing you with the latest, evidenced women’s healthy aging research, presented in a way that is easy to understand and follow with your own clients.  

Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) is with you every step of the way

Each week, I will meet with your class cohort via Zoom to answer any questions you may have about the content or your case study client. 

Exclusive insights into thousands of women who have gone through menopause

Throughout the course I will share information about the symptoms experienced by the 250,000+women who have completed the MyMT™ Symptoms Quiz and the most commonly asked questions by the 2000+ women in the MyMT™ coaching community. This will put you a step ahead of your competition by enabling you to prepare for the questions you could get from your own clients.

Grow your business

You’ll expand your knowledge about women’s mid-life health, enabling you to better help your clients, deliver new offerings and retain clients for longer. At the end of the course you may have the opportunity to come on board as a MyMT™ Practitioner. Check out the benefits of being a MyMT™ Practitioner below.


Special Launch Offer


Full Pay discount fee


Three monthly instalments

Training commences Monday 21st February 2022 and runs for 12 weeks.

You can choose your preferred payment option and your preferred weekly group call time at the checkout stage.

Intoductory Offer!  Our fees will be increasing to usd$1,995 in 2022.

This is your only opportunity to avail of our training at this introductory fee!

What’s so special about us?

Our CE Approved training program is just the beginning!

After you’ve completed the MyMT™ CPD course, you may like to explore  becoming a certified MyMT™ Affiliate. This allows us to mentor you, so you can extend your business and support women going through menopause. Lifestyle practices are a rapidly growing sector in preventative health  and we would love you to become part of it.


Becoming a MyMT™ Affiliate Practitioner means lots of cool things!


We will support you with:


·     Promotion: MyMT™ will promote you on our website and to our database of over 250,000 women. 


·     Affiliate programme: You can earn additional income by referring your clients to the MyMT™ Programmes.


·     Resources: MyMT™ has all the resources that you and your clients need to succeed, including a menopause screening form, symptoms quiz, food & nutrition guide and more.


·     Providing ongoing support: As a MyMT™ Practitioner, you will be a part of our online Facebook community. On here I will continue to share the latest women’s healthy aging research with you and you will be able to network with other MyMT™ Practitioners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Group commencing
21st February 2022, running for 12 weeks.

Live group calls
Ireland/UK – Thursdays at 8pm

New Zealand – Fridays at 9am

Australia – Fridays at 7am

USA/Canada – Thursdays at 3pm (EST) and 12pm (PST)

(times are subject to change based on the location of the majority of attendees)

The MyMT™ CPD Course runs for 12 weeks and everything is delivered online, so you can complete it from anywhere in the world. You can expect to devote 5-6 hours a week to this course.

The course is delivered in a blended format. Each week you will complete:

  • 2x 45 minute pre-recorded modules – to be completed in your own time.
  • Course readings – to be completed in your own time.
  • A live group zoom call with Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) – scheduled at the same time each week.
    From Week 7 you will be expected to work with at least 1 case study client in order to integrate your menopause knowledge into practice with our support.

MyMT™ is here to support you as you go. You can reach out to us directly with any questions you may have via our WhatsApp group.

In order to successfully graduate from this training, a minimum 80% attendance is mandatory on online group calls, at least 1 case study client will be worked with for a minimum of 6 sessions during the training period, and trainees must demonstrate a strong understanding of the material and its application to their Course Facilitator, Dr Wendy Sweet.

Our training is fully approved as a comprehensive CE and CPD program that allows you call yourself an Menopause Specialist Coach.

Once you complete our training, you have two options.

You can choose to simply integrate the learning into your own existing practice and blend it with your current work to achieve better outcomes for clients seeking support with their menopause symptoms;


You can join our community of MyMTAffiliates to clearly identify yourself as a MyMTPractitioner, be listed on our Directory of Practitioners, be part of our marketing to our community of over 250,000 women world wide, and be part of our community of professionals who support each other!

There is no exercise component to our training program, the focus is on nutrition and lifestyle changes, and a good understanding of anatomy & physiology is helpful.

If you are an Advanced Personal Trainer ie you have completed level 3 or 4 Certification as a Personal Trainer (New Zealand), then you are eligible.

If you have any additional qualification in coaching, nutrition etc or a relevant background or additional training (ie nursing), then you are eligible.

If you are unsure whether you meet the criteria please enquire, we are happy to help. Email and we will respond as soon as we are available.

Any other questions? Just drop us a line!

We are redefining menopause from being the end of fertility, to being every woman's New Beginning!

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