Specialist Accredited Training for Health Coaches & Therapists

CE & CPD approved specialist training to deepen your skills and grow your practice!

Become a specialist and move your clients from behaviour change to transformation.

Therapy Led Skills

Learn how to tap into your client’s true motivators for change combining coaching and therapeutic tools to ensure behaviours change permanently.
When you have an integrated 'thera-coaching' foundation to your skills, finding the client’s ‘big why’ for changing, or the root of their resistance to changing is a game-changer for you… and them!

Implementable Programs

Connected Health Training Programs are special. Every training we offer has been co-developed with an expert in a specialist area, who has already helped many hundreds of clients through their evidence-based, structured program. You can then offer that program to your clients immediately.
We provide all the resources you need - videos, handouts, resources and a session-by-session roadmap.

Client Transformation

We don’t just want your clients behaviours to change, we want their lives to change! All of our specialist programs integrate the best of evidence based therapy, health and coaching skills.
Our specialist programs will facilitate your clients to experience truly transformational change, finally giving them the freedom they have sought for so long.

Real Return on Investment

When you invest in our training, you will see a real, measurable return. You will be able to offer a ready-to-go specialist package to clients straight away. This is one of the core reasons Connected Health Training came into being in the first place - dedicated professionals who invest in themselves and their clients deserve to be paid well for what they do!

Our Specialist Program

Menopause Transformation Specialist Training

Train with us to become a specialist in menopause.

For any Health, Wellness or Nutrition Professional regularly working with menopause clients, this training is essential!

1 billion women are projected to be in menopause by 2025, about 70% will have significant menopause symptoms and about 40% will see a doctor because of their symptoms.  Medication alone will only ever tackle part of the issue, and doctors are not yet trained in all the significant lifestyle factors that can positively, or negatively contribue to a woman’s experience of menopause. 

You will graduate with Our “done-for-you” program that integrates CBThormonal and physiological changes, scientifically-evidenced and lifestyle change solutions to reframe menopause from being the end of fertility, to being every woman’s New Beginning!

Your clients will finally be able to re-balance their body and thrive in the second half of their lives. 


What Our Community Members Say

Emotional & Binge Eating Specialist Training
This program allows your clients to build a solid, safe relationship with what they eat. However, this program is so expertly created that it then moves into raising awareness of how the client's behaviours stem from the past and are driving their binging or emotional eating, and how their subconscious ripples sabotage all efforts to be healthy. On a personal level, the support I have received has been immense. The team are always at the other end of the phone to answer any questions I have.
Denise Wogan
Registered Nutritional Therapist & Life Coach

My Menopause Transformation
I am so grateful for everything I have learned. I now know I am post-menopausal. I have stopped being so crazy with exercise. I sleep most of every night now and if I wake I get back to sleep. I no longer go to the toilet in the night. I have lost weight around my middle. I am so happy to eat raisins again. I love Mediterranean food. My joints are no longer sore. My stress over the past few years is explained, I'm not just a horrible person. Here is a photo of a happy Sacha again!

Sacha B.
New Zealand

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